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0 to wet shorts

Hi i'm 26 male in generally good shape,
my issue is lack of bladder control
every now and again i go through periods (could be hours or days) where I cant stop urinating.
i have tried process of elimination and it doesnt matter it still happens sometimes its set off 10 minutes after a glass of water.
today was one of my worse days
starting about 830 amafter my morning coffee every 10-20 minutes i would have to pee (it was only a medium) its now 945 pm and its just slowing down but coming in waves
having to go to the bathroom all the time on occasion i can deal with and pass off as a "childs bladder" as my gf has lovingly referred to it as.
my problem is i will have absolutely no indication i have to go, and then all of a sudden its a huge rush that feels like i have been holding it for hours and by the time i even register the warning i am split hairs from peeing myself.
more often than not i've already let some go by the time i know i have to go ( not a lot but still uncomfortable) the frequent urinations started out in highschool but i could hold it ( i was tipping out once every class every day to go to the bathroom but i didnt want to be in class anyway so i never thought anything of it)
now these days come more often and stay longer  
i know i have to get checked out and i will but i have had bad experiences with doctors pertaining to matters i know nothing about
so before i go in looking like a doormat for prescriptions
what are possible causes to my symptoms so i have a basic idea of what to ask for to get help.
thank you i know it was a novel.
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You may have a weak bladder, urinary tract infection or pre diabetes, diabetes or glucose intolerance.

You MUST make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Don't worry about knowing what to ask the doctor.  Make a list of your symptoms and just tell him that you have this problem.  The doctor will no doubt ask for a urine sample to be sent to the laboratory for analysis.  He may do a urine dip stick test there and then and if the strip shows that there is an infection, he may treat you with an antibiotic or wait until the lab results come back so as to give you the correct antibiotic.

You also need to get your prostate gland checked out.

To help with the leaks, ask your girlfriend to get you some panti liners to protect your pants.  You can buy men's pads, but they are rather bulky.

If you are constantly thirsty, drinking a lot and then having a urine problem it may be a sign of diabetes.  
If you eat a lot of sugary foods and drink lots of fluids, it could be that your sugar levels are getting too high and why are need to go more often.

Make sure you eat and healthy and well balanced diet and cut out or cut down on all sugary foods and drinks, processed foods and junk foods.  Cut down on your salt intake too.  Eating too much salt will also make you thirsty, drink more water and then need to empty your bladder more often.

Drink smaller amounts of fluids often, rather than gulping down a lot in one go.  Some foods and drinks, like celery, cucumber, coffee and tea are diuretic.  That means they will make you release more urine.

Being anxious and stressed can also make you pee more.

Make an appointment to see your doctor and get checked out to find the reason for the constant urination.  
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hmm not the first time someone has told me i may have pre diabetes thank you :)
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Diabetes, prediabetes, glucose intolerance is one possibility, but you need to get checked out properly to find the cause.  It could be anything.

Would be a good idea to make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible.  Tell him your symptoms and hopefully he will order urine and blood tests to get you checked out.  

If no immediate problem can be found, an appointment with a urologist would be a good idea.

Please let me know how you get on.  

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