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10 millimeter stone

I was diagnosed with a 10 millimeter kidney stone back in 2005 (after several trips to the ER). My doctor told me that unless it's creating a blockage in my urethra it is okay to keep in there. I retain a ton of water everyday and have back pain all the time. It has also caused multiple bladder and other infections. Not to mention my pee smells really bad! Should I get a second opinion from another doctor on whether or not this stone should be removed? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!☺
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If it were me, I think I'd want to get rid of it, not leave it there! I wonder why your Dr. doesn't suggest Lithotripsy - sound waves are used to break stones into much smaller fragments that can then pass easily thru the kidney, ureter & urethra painlessly. If you Dr. can't offer a solution such as this or something similar, then I think it probably would be a good idea to get a 2nd opinion...
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yes .... see another doctor.
the one you have is an .....
just see a new doctor
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The one I have is an.... What is it??!! Please finish?

      They told me it was something much worse prior to the stone diagnosis..... Cancer! Not knowing what to expect..... My mom and I went to the bar and got completely obliviated. The doctor called back the following day with the significant change of forecast.
Please keep us updated on your progress, diagnosis & treatment. I had to got to the ER this past Sat night after a terrible fall, had to have some X-Rays (luckily nothing broken), but while there we heard a poor guy in another bay screaming, found out he was passing a kidney stone, it sounded horrific. Hope you don't ever have to endure that, but let us know how you're doing...
Omg, I just read your message hun. How are you doing?! So glad to hear that your bones were not compromised! Praying for your quick recovery friend!
I will be seeing my doctor for the final chapter tomorrow..... For a urology referral. Hoping they can recommend me a good physician, lol! Thanks for your help! Keep ya posted!
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