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1.2 CM stone in kidney canal

Hello. Unfortunately i have formed a 1.7 CM stone in my right kidney. As per my doctors reports unfortunately the stone is in such a position (right inside the canal of the kidney) where they would have to puncture the kidney (PCNL) to reach it and remove the stone. I was hoping it would be possible to do lithotripsy and get rid of the stone by putting a stent. Also i have been told the passage of my ureter has formed some sort of minor blockage due to inflammation?! What will be the treatment for the same? Extremely confused and scared any help would be great. Thanks.
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Hello, sorry you have to deal with this. I have had kidney stones pass and will do my first lithotripsy soon. The blockage in your urethra is normal for a kidney stone, but usually that means the stone or even just a part of it has started moving down the ureter. They can give you flomax to relax and open your ureter to help it pass. I was under the impression they can do lithotripsy no matter where the stone is because it works with sound waves. Did they say they don't want to do that? For sure go to another urologist and get another opinion before making any decisions. I have gone through 4 urologists. None of them have given a crap about me. Try zocdoc, look at reviews or call your local best hospital for a referal. Good luck!
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