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35/M prostate or something else?

Perhaps the community can help with this one.  35M with history of off and on non bacterial prostatitis episodes going back to 18 or 19 years old.  Sometimes it would be treated with antibiotics other times Flomax.  Either way they all resolved easily after a week or so.  fast forward to a month ago I had an external hemorrhoid develop and also had urgency and frequency.  Doc said it was related to the hemorrhoid and gave me a cream. the issue resolved within a couple days. A month later I went to an urgent care prior to Christmas for the same issue and the doc said prostatitis after doing a DRE. Said it was firm but culture was clean.  Wanted to give me antibiotics but I just said to get the Flomax since it worked before.  Didn't get it filled but the issue resolved on its own.  Right before following up with pcp I ejaculated and go the urgency frequency feeling afterwards. PCP did a DRE and didn't think it was prostatitis but maybe IC. Now I have 9 docs saying prostate issue and 1 saying potential bladder issue.  My urology appointment isn't for another week. I started the Flomax and it has helped a bit.  The symptoms now:
Urgency and frequency, no pain, 6-7 voids per day, none at night. when stimulated sexually pain between the legs/rectum that feels like the prostate. Sometimes some sensitivity in the testicles but no pain. during now is about a week. Not sure what it is. Perhaps you all have some clues.  
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Honestly, hard to say.  Come back after you see your urologist.  But the key is to find a doctor you trust so you don't have all these opinions. Usually urgent care docs are not the best to diagnose any chronic issue.  
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I agree wit this, GuitarRox. The Uro is the real expert on such issues, hopefully he/she gets to the bottom of it (no pun intended!)...
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