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Anyone else ever deal with this?

Hi everyone I have been dealing with pain in my testicles for about 10 months. I’ve seen three different urologist, gotten three ultrasounds done and had a pelvic CT done but they have not shown anything that doctors can see that is causing my pain. I have pain mainly in my right testicle that is quite a bit smaller than my left one it moves around a lot inside my scrotum. For example if I lay in my back it will flop to the side and cause me a great deal of pain. If anyone has dealt with anything like this or knows what is
going on I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
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It can be normal to have one testicle bigger than the other.  Has it always been bigger?  Probably it has or at least to some extent.  Here's an article with things to consider looking into if your doctor has not already.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321234#causes  It would be odd though if you've been to three different doctors and none are able to come up with answers or ways to help you.  None wanted to try antibiotics to see if it helped? The good news is they'd have caught something or seen something if it fell into the dangerous category like torsion.  Were you by chance kicked in the balls or anything?  Fluid build up can happen due to injury.  
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Hey thank you for the response! I’ve gotten two different antibiotics and neither has helped any. I had epididymitis about 5 years ago ago and antibiotics cleared that up. And no I haven’t had a specific hit to them that I can remember. I work in supply at a hospital so I do a lot of picking up heavy things and I thought it may have been a hernia at first but I saw a general surgeon also and he has ruled that out. I was told I had a small hydrocele and a small vericocele on my testicle that feel more normal. My testicles just hang a lot more than usual and they hurt especially If I roll over from one side to the other I’m not sure if there’s some issue with the muscle that holds them in place or what.

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