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Bulbar Urethral Stricture


I am 18, fit and in good shape
My entire life i have had issues with urinating frequently, having to go multiple times a day (10+ maybe, i don't keep a record) and the volume is little ( roughly 100 - 200ml i think). I don't drink excessively, and don't drink energy or caffeine drinks.

About a year ago, maybe longer i noticed my flow was poor, at times stopping completely. It would then start up again randomly as though it got unblocked. I have noticed in the last few months, maybe longer that i strain when i urinate, to try and increase flow. a couple weeks ago i urinated a bit of blood throughout one day. ( evidence of stricture?). Could this be from trauma? i ride mountainbikes and motorbikes.

I don't know if my seemingly small bladder capacity is linked to my poor flow. And with research on strictures i can't see any long term solution a doctor could prescribe me apart from frequent dilations - which i could perform myself with the equipment i think. ( i don't like going to the doctors unless i need to, but maybe i need to? see a urologist?).

The frequency of urination impacts my day to day life, the flow merely the time it takes - i can live with it but it doesn't feel good.

Any suggestions or feedback would be great, cheers

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Other choices include operative incision (DVIU), open repair or placement of a urethral stent (UroLume). Discuss options with your doc.

Strictures can be very difficult to repair, don't loose heart!
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You cannot diagnose strictures to be the cause of these symptoms (poor flow, straining during micturition, blood in urine) without investigations. These can be due to other causes like obstruction due to enlarged prostate due to benign prostatic hypertrophy (often called BPH) or infection of the prostate (prostatitis), adhesions after trauma, stones or obstruction due to tumors.
You will need to consult your primary care physician for proper assessment. He may do tests like urine analysis, blood tests, X rays, ultrasonography, CT scan, digital examination of prostate, Prostate specific antigen and sometimes cystoscopy to detect the cause.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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Thanks for the feedback,
i suppose it's not the greatest idea to self-diagnose with this sort of thing. Have booked in to see a doctor next week to get things checked out.
Thanks again for an insight into this.

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