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Can i check erectile dysfunction at home?

One year back (in december) i almost had a penile thrust,while having a oral my penis thrust somewhere in her mouth-its not like she giving me one but i forcefuly penetrate in her mouth.after sometime she move her head that result in my penis got a thrust.it lose its erection to half but get normal in less than a minuite.i didnt ejaculated in that session.and that day evening and in night i masturbated and released sperm.after that incident i had sex three more times and masturbated many times.now i have a worry did i really had a minor penile fracture or its just psychological one- i notice a very little pain in penis sometimes.i feel like my scrotum is more loose now.i dont want to goto a doctor to check it.can i test it at homeitself
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I'm not exactly clear on what your question is - you mention both penile fracture & erectile dysfunction - these are 2 different things. I think we can rule out any form of ED since obviously  you're still getting erections, having sex & masturbating. Also, I think you would know beyond any doubt if you had a penile fracture - first, it's extremely painful & would almost certainly result in a very deformed, bent penis when erect, which you would definitely notice, and I doubt you'd be able to engage in sex normally. I don't think you have anything to worry about - if anything traumatic actually happened, you would have noticed it by now.
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