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Can i get Peyronies disease?

Hello, before 7 months i have operation for short frenulum on the penis that left me a scar which cause a little bend on the penis and a dent/notch under it. Iam worried that i can get Peyronies disease with sex act. Ive been to a group in facebook for Peyronies and specialists there assure me that i can not get Peyronies disease and just put my mind at ease. Also i go to my urologist , and he tells me that this bend and narrow/dent at the penis is from the operation and to not worried. But still iam worrying and have anxiety and stress because i can get it with sex acts. Also when my penis is semi erect (get an erection) is very curved that i can face the wall and p**s in the toilet , when is erect the curved is little.But i think this is from the operation.
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Peyronie's Disease comes from scar tissue and plaque that builds up inside the penis, and not from a surgery for your frenulum. This happens inside the shaft of the penis.

Have you ever looked at images of Peyronie's? It's probably not at all like your curve. Many men have curves - that's pretty common, and normal, which I'm guessing your urologist has told you.

It sounds like your urologist has told you not to worry about what you're seeing. I'd listen to him.
I dont have Peyronie!!!!
Iam worried beacause that i can get it!
Beacause of my narrow on the shaft.
Your doctor, and others on your FB group, have all told you not to worry. I'm not going to disagree with your doctor, who knows the specifics of your case, and has seen your penis.

If your doctor told you not to worry about it, then I'm going to say listen to him.

If you can't let go of that worry, then talk to your doctor about your fears and anxiety.
Thank you for your comments, i appreciate it. I just stop worrying anymore. Have a great and fun life man.
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