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Clear discharge and urethra problems.

Hey how's it going . Well I'm just a lil concerned and need some advice I was on std forms before on here and they really helped me. I Kno I don't have an std or nothing because lack of sexual contact and 2 negative std panels. But I keep getting clear discharge after I ejaculate or am aroused but I mean it will continue to come out hours later . Sometimes I feel like it comes out even when I'm not aroused and also I feel dull pain sometimes when I urniate and it smelly in the morning my urine. Sometimes I feel like and itchy inside my urethra like inside but only when my anus gets itchy? Any advice
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We gave you some possibilities when we talked back in December, like prostatitis, or it even being normal for you.

Have you seen a doctor since Dec? Maybe you should ask for a referral to a urologist.
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Yea I went to the doctor. Everything to urine blood culture n x-rays n Everything is fine. I just don't understand what could be happening.
I might as well just learn to live with it at this point
The only thing I might suggest is that the next time it happens, go to an Urgent Care or walk in clinic and get the discharge cultured. Don't wipe the discharge way - just go get it cultured. If it comes back as fine, then maybe it's just normal for you. It's not unusual for that to happen.

Thank your for both of your responses its greatly appreciated. But can balanitis cause urethra problems? Tht was my first diagnosis then diagnosed with urthritis took antibiotics for that but still at pain. But I think I might have prostitis cause I get some pains like between my anus and testes. Not all the time but it does accure. One time I was peeing and I stopped mid stream and I had intense pain down there and I couldn't re realize the urine for a few seconds. Doctor brushed me off twice cause he said I was to young. I don't know tho. But thanks for the response again
Your symptoms do sound like they could be related to prostate issues. Very surprised the Dr would brush you off - he should know that even younger guys can have prostate issues. When it happens in younger guys, it’s different from the enlargement which is common in older guys. In younger guys, it’s Prostatitis, which is an inflammation of the prostate due to infection, but can also be caused by irregular sexual activity. The prostate functions best when there’s kind of a regular schedule of release (ejaculation). If you go long periods without ejaculating, or engage in multiple sessions over a short period of time, that can cause inflammation that’s NOT caused by an infection & and can cause discomfort in the testes, perineal region or sometimes anal area. It can also cause some burning & irritation during urination & sometimes itching in the urethra, and often ejaculation can be uncomfortable.

If your regular Dr can’t help, see a Urologist - this is their area of specialty. Just be aware that sometimes even with treatment, Prostatitis can persist for several weeks or even a cpl months, but be patient, it usually does clear up in time & w/ proper treatment.
Thank you my guy. This is the best response yet. I will get that checked. I thought I had and std but it been a very long time since I was sexually active. So I was baffled. Cause I was getting pains in left teste and clear discharge especially after ejaculation. Never white just clear and sticky.  All std and culture test negative it must be that then thank you once more
Hey hello everyone had a quick question  out of curiosity.  If you gave an std or sti discharge is it constantly keep coming out or is it on n off? And also I heard that chlamydia starts with clear discharge then turns yellow or green as symptoms worsen or will it just stay clear? Thank you guys
I'm pretty sure you have asked many questions on the std forum and were answered.  Thinking you may have a bit of anxiety to contend with at this point.
Its just something I been curious about thanks for the response anyway.
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Hello everyone for anyone having this kind of symptoms it's not a std Dont let your mind run amok because anxiety can cause real feeling symptoms after all my test im diagnosed with prostatis. Excessive masterbation is what caused. It just putting my input of my diagnosed because alot of ppl don't post it
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