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Cold testicle upon touch

I'm a male in my mid 20s who have recently felt a drop in my testicle and also the scrotum would enlarge after masturbation. However this feeling went away for the past 4 months and recently came back. I thought it was may be due to the fact I was in the caribbeans before covid hit and the after effects were still lingering. However upon coming back for a few months now, it came back.

But this time, after masturbation, the drop in my testicle isn't as low as it was before and the scrotum does still enlarge. I'm not sure if I noticed if my testicles were cold last time or not, but this time I noticed that it feels cold upon touch. This time around, I am worried.

I do sit at my desk for 10-15 hours a day studying if that matters.

Not sure what this could be, but I will try to see my PCP again tomorrow.
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Doesn’t sound like anything too serious to me - as guys, we sometimes obsess over things like penis size, testicle size & appearance, etc. It’s somewhat normal for testicles & scrotum to change size, shape & color during  or after sexual activity. Normally there’s an increase of blood flow to that whole region during sex, also, the testes kind of ‘tighten’ & pull up toward the abdomen when a guy is sexually aroused & then will drop back down afterward, so that may be what you’re seeing. Keep your appointment w/ your PCP, I think he or she will likely agree that there’s not much to be concerned about.

Check  back here later & let us know what you find out about this...
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thanks! Do you know if it's normal for the testicle to feel like a good amount colder than the rest of the body. Like it legit feels cold and then the other areas of the gential region is like warm. Idk i tried bringing this up to my PCP but i'm not sure if he understood what i meant.
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