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Congenital Curvature or Peyronie's?


I am 25 years old and I have a concern about the curvature of my penis.  For some time now, I've actually been having erectile difficulties and have not even had the pleasure of looking at my erect penis.  However, recently I started getting my erections back, which is a relief, although they are certainly more variable in terms of hardness and duration than I imagine is characteristic of a truly "healthy" penis.  Anyway, while my erectile function is returning, I have noticed that my penis is curving to the left more than usual when erect.  I say more than usual, because I have always had some curvature in that direction, ever since I can remember.  But it was never so curved to the point where I found it embarrassing or alarming in any way.  I have had partners comment on it before, but they have only ever described it as "slight" and something they only noticed over time.  So, I know I have some sort congenital curvature.  However, looking at it now, it seems as if the curvature has definitely increased over the last couple of years, and I'm concerned that this might be peyronie's...  The reason I started off by mentioning the matter of my erectile dysfunction is that I have read that peyronie's can cause ED, or that the two often go hand in hand; and since I have no good explanation for my ED -- I've been checked out by my GP, but not a urologist -- I think maybe it is a consequence of something more "sinister" happening down there.  My penis is by no means "bent".  There is no place on the shaft where it is obviously pinched or dented.  I do not feel any plaques along the left side, although it does feel harder and more constricted than the right side overall, but I believe this has always been the case.  So, I would estimate that my penis is curving about 30-40 degrees to the left.  Is it possible that my congenital curvature could be worsening at my age?  Could I have been developing peyronie's since I was a young teenager?  I'm concerned / confused.  Any council on this matter would be appreciated.
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