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Cord on glans issue

Hi, I have had a thick cord on the glans for more than a year i think. It has a varice-like appearance, vein or so, is the same color as the skin or mucous membrane (of the glans), starts from behind, near where the frenulum is, and continues forward in a tortuous way. The initial segment (where there is a little "button", which could resemble a cyst or herpes) is the most sensitive to touch, and which becomes hard in erection, while at rest it loses its hardness but is always perceptible to the touch as well as sight.
It is totally asymptomatic (even to the touch) but really really awful to see (given the area).
I have already been to two doctors who barely looked at me (more photos of me live) saying only that it is nothing pathological and that's it, but the fact is that even on the internet I could not find a single photo I do not say the the same but at least similar.
I have heard about thrombosis, mondor, especially sclerosing lymphagitis and other things, but we always talk about the shaft of the penis and other areas, never about the glans, so I doubt ...
I try to stay completely off for at least a month (anyway sexual intercourse nothing since a very very long time), but to date (about a week) the situation has not changed at all, I don't think it will ever pass, so i'm totally losing my mind...

Has anyone ever had at least such an experience? Could it be something related to the lymphatic vessels?
Thanks in advance for your answers !!

PS: is there any way to post the photos here?
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