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Hello community.

I’m a male 30 years old. 2 weeks ago I went to a urologist because I thought I had ngu. (Burning tip of penis). So the doctor looked at my penis and saw that nothing was wrong. He asked me if I wanted to get a cystoscopy to look inside urethra so I agreed with the procedure. Anyways after the test doctor said that everything was okay and I had nothing to worry about. Does a cystoscopy rule out ngu ?  
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No, a cystoscopy looks for problems with your bladder, urethra and prostate. NGU is diagnosed by looking for white blood cells or bacteria in your urine.

I know you had gon and chlamydia testing done, but has anyone mentioned looking for white blood cells?

Did all this stem from the encounter you had in Aug? Are you unable to let that go?

It sounds really simplistic, but male sure you are drinking enough water, and lay off the caffeine, alcohol, sports drinks and juices. Those are all really irritating to the bladder and urethra, which could be causing the pain you feel.
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Hey auntiejessi thanks for your reply. Yes I guess I’m a having a little trouble letting it go. I’ll forget about it one week and then I start thinking about it but it’s something that’s not driving me crazy. My urologist was confident I had nothing wrong and I told him my story. I asked him about ngu he looked in my urethra for discharge said I’m fine then asked me if I would like to get a cystoscopy which I agreed to just for my sake. Anyways thanks for answering my question. Take care
I'd suggest therapy then, and I don't say that unkindly. You deserve to find peace, and therapy can help with that.

And drink more water. Just give it a try. It won't hurt. :)
Thanks auntiejessi  for your kind words. And responding to my questions. I will take in to consideration about therapy and I will cut back on caffeine and start drinking more water and see if anything changes in the next month. Take care.
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