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Decision to have Urethroplasty

I recently had a dilation to repair a distal urethral stricture.  It seems the dilation did not work because 2 days after the procedure, my urine flow is a complete mess.  To effectively urinate, I have to sit (I am a 51 year old male).  I attempt to stand and urinate but it is the same result every time.  I can urinate but I feel urgency after I am done which may mean there is residual urine in my bladder.  My urologist spoke of consulting a urological specialist to perform a urethroplasty.  My question is should I have the surgery to correct my urine flow and avoid future health affects or should I not do anything and take my chances?  Does anyone on this forum have a similar experience?  Does the fact that it is a distal stricture complicate the surgical procedure?  Thank you in advance for any response!
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