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Discomfort feeling in penis & sometimes testicles, STD & HIV Negative

I had Blood & urine test done for STD & HIV both test came back negative multiple times. But I have this real discomfort feeling in my penis day and night whenever I'm not active. If I'm running around playing a sport or in the shower moving around I dont feel nothing, I fell 100% good. But once im sitting or laying down that pain type burning sensetion is back. I get the feeling I have to pee more often too, most times I dont though.

This been going on for a bout a YEAR now.

I seen a Urologist Specialist plenty of times & he gave me something for anxiety then told me to take 2 Advils a day. Did that, no new results. I use to smoke marijuana as well but it came to a point when I smoked the weed just made the pain worst so I quit.

Someone please HELP!
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Has the Dr. considered the possibility of prostate issues? Inflammation of the prostate - Prostatitis - can definitely cause the types of issues you’re having. There’s a bacterial form, for which antibiotics are prescribed, but there’s also a non- bacterial type that can be tougher to deal with, because antibiotics don’t help. But it can definitely cause discomfort when sitting & frequent feeling of needing to pee, even if the bladder is not full. If your reg Dr. can’t help, please see a Urologist, altho it sounds like you already have. Maybe find another Uro if this one’s not helping...

Good luck & let us know how you’re doing...
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No he hasn't said anything to me about prostate issues. I did get a ultra sound done before on my testicles was told everything looked fine. I'm going to bring that up to him and ask about the antibiotics.

Thank you!! appreciate it!
Yes - do ask him about possible prostate issues, that would be a different matter than testicular function, STDs, etc.
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I'm with bonzodog.  I'd consider that you need investigate further and NOT for hiv/std's.  Every man regardless of their sex life can have prostate issues.  Prostatitis is explained in this link you can copy and paste to your browser https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/prostatitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20355766,  and this could be the case based on your symptoms.  Another really common issue is enlarged prostate.  https://www.webmd.com/men/prostate-enlargement-bph/features/enlarged-prostate-bph-complex-problem#1 I'd check into both of these to see if they are the culprit to your situation.
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