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respected sir,
                   Doctor told me that i am suffering from epididymo orchitis.He gave me 21 day course antibiotics.
Now course is over.My pain ceased in 3-4 days.But still the tube starting from  my left testicle is swelled(though decreased than initial).Also now i can feel a small pea sized pimple like swelling in the nerves(tube) to the left of starting of my penis and away from testis(not epidemis).
Sir, how long will it take for swelling to heal completely?
please please please help......
yours faithfully........
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I used to come down with orchitis about every 3 to 4 months. Each time I ended up hospitalized and was put on antibiotics through an IV.

Recovery usally took up to several weeks and than it would start again.

In 1999 after my wife and I had 3 childeren, I decided to have a vasectomy. I had read that men undergoing a prostatectomy used to get a vasectomy at the same time to prevent infections like orchitis. My vasectomy had complications and I received emergency surgery to have a hematoma removed from the left testicle. A year later I had another emergency this time a left orchiectomy due to a staph infection.
Healing was quite fast. From 2000 to currently I have had no more infections in the remaining left testicle.

One thing that might help you is to place cold or ice packs on the scrotum to help against the swelling. Make sure that you place a face cloth between the pack and your scrotum. A hot bath will give relief as well but will not cut down the swelling.

All the best.

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I am exactly having the same symptoms as you described. The pain reduced in a week, however its almost 3 months that I have the swelling (It has reduced a lot but still there). I had a Ultra sound with doppler and the doctor said that the infection is recidua and it would go in some time. But I want to know how much time it took you to get over with the swelling.
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