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Extreme sensitivity in one of my testicles and will not relax into place

I have never had any health issues, healthy as a horse . however today out of nowhere I just had a sharp pain in my  groin area.  After taking some pain medicine and then a warm bath with bath salts &  laying down. It seemed to have lessen the pain ,
however now it has transcended into my right testicle which is extremely  sensitive  and will not relax/descend back into my scrotum !  #Malephysicianplease&response
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Hmmm... you mention your right testicle ‘not descending’ - do you have a history of undescended testicles - either one or both? That’s what it sounds like but we need some clarification there. It’s not entirely uncommon. I think this Q is probably best answered by a Dr who can examine you & render an opinion based on what he or she sees & feels & taking into account your description of the symptoms. Let us know if you’re examined by a Dr & what the diagnosis & treatment was...
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