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Frequent urination

I am Indian male - age 38,wt- 89 kg,ht-169 cms. Recently have had an issue of frequent urination more at night and also at day , once i go , then i feel or have the feeling i need to go immediately and only small amounts or dribble .
Urine culture done - no issues
Doctor checked prostate - he doesn't seem to see an issue - PSA checked normal
USG abdomen done - bladder , kidney and prostate all showing normal

Tablets :
Alfoo( suspecting it might be prostatis) - 10 days
Oflox 200 ( antibiotics) - 5 days
Urispas ( for regualting urine ) - 5 days

Still nothing seems to work , what else could it be . I have high choletsrol , Hb1ac is 5.9 and grade 2 fatty liver
i dont drink or smoke

Its interfering so much in day to day work and travel as i need to constantly pee , could some one let know what else could it be please and if they have experience same and any treatment for the same
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OAB (Over active bladder) is a real pain in the rear. In particular if your having to wake up to urinate all night.  If the obvious health issues are ruled out there are a variety of drugs that may help.  If that doesn't work you might inquire about a new treatment I have tried.  Its botox injections into the bladder.  It helps me for about 6 or more months in a row (Some it works up to a year)  I just have a regular date where I go into have it done.  *And my doctor has me knocked out so its really no big deal.  
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I would have told you to have your prostate checked first and a culture done to make sure there is no infection but you've already ruled those out.  What does your doctor say? Have they checked for bladder stones?  That can cause an overactive bladder (which is what you describe).  You could also have a small bladder obstruction?  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3126063/  I'd want them to look into this for you.
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1. Blood test done - CBC - normal , Sugar level - normal , ESR - slightly high
2. Urine culture again done  -nothing significant , waiting for sensitivity report
3. USG done - no stones or significant abnormality found
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