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Genital problems - tingling, burning itching, twitching, no sores or blisters...

I have had a series of health problems that have been on-going for some time now, 4 years to be exact (summer of 2008). It all started with a red and inflamed/itchy penis head after unprotected intercourse with my then gf. She had complained of itchiness in that area, so my first thought was it was thrush. I was given 2 or 3 thrush creams and, after an initial period of improvement, the condition worsened within 3-4 months to a smelly odour coming from the area, and inflamed penis tip continued. my GP diagnosed me with Balanitis and prescribed me TImodine Cream. After 2 weeks of use the symptoms improved, however not 100% cleared up, itchiness and burning of the penis tip was present (no sores, blisters or discharge).

1 year later (mid 2009) and still no improvement. Then in November 2009, the tingling and burning sensations spread to my testicles, followed by pain in testicles. I was really worried by this point. Tingling and burning sensations spread to the legs and arms over the course of the next 3 months, with muscle twitching in arms and legs. Irritated penis tip and itchy/tingling/crawling sensation in testicles & scrotum persisted, however pain in testicles subsided, but there is mild pain on and off. Again, no blisters or rash on legs or arms present. Also no signs of excema. Also have itchy anus and urge to scratch throughout the day. By this point (early 2010) it had severely affected my mental state and sex life. Went to my GP and got tested for a variety of STD’s; chylamdia, gonnohrea, herpes etc as well as swab tests for bacterial/fungal infections; all negative. I was referred to a Urologist who said that I had chronic Balanitis due to being uncircumcised. Had a circumcision in mid 2010, which didn’t help the symptoms.

To this day these symptoms are still prominent. I have had vitamin D tests (slightly deficient but have been taken supplements), and seen a neurologist for the tingling/burning/twitching sensations; all clear.  Thyroid levels all fine and blood pressure, blood sugar levels fine as well so no chance of diabetes.

Does anyone know what this might be?? Could it have stemmed from the initially intercourse with my now ex-girlfriend back in 2008? It seems to have escalated from that time. Any advice would be extremely appreciated, it has affected my life a lot in the last few years and REALLY want to find a diagnosis for these symptoms.

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