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Getting cystoscopy to look for stricture. Scared to death.

i have been what all docs thought was prostatitis for close to a year. Although there was never any evidence to really point to this. With deep stretching, muscle relaxants, and anti inflammatories i have been able to knock this back tremendously however have still been having dull aches in my groin and inflammatory feelings down there, sometimes a bit of pain on urination.The doc wants to do an out patient cystoscopy with i am terrified of using flexi scope and lidocaine, but says if he finds something he can stretch it right there which worries me some becuase i have been reading that dilation is usually used for more urgent needs and my flow rate was 18ml/s which seems slower than normal for a make in his mid 30s but not emergency. What do people think? Should I ask him to just do the scope for diagnostic purposes and not do anything if he sees something? Im worried dilation or stretching might not be the best way to go and am scared not sure what to do.
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Hi there!

Well, without knowing the relevant clinical details it would be difficult to comment specifically on the situation, though in most cases I would favour the dilation if a cystoscopy is being done anyway, to save another procedure. I would suggest discussing the situation and the management plan in detail with your treating urologist before deciding on the management plan.
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but isnt a dilation more for urgent strictures where there is less than 10 ml/s? if i get a dilation wont thatmake the stricture worse in the longterm?
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