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Hard Flaccid and New Veins on Penis

About two weeks ago, I was riding a gym bike for 20 minutes, and when I got off, I felt my penis go numb. From hindsight, I can now notice that my posture on the bike was completely wrong, as I was sitting for a good 12 minutes with my weight pressed on the perineum. The numbness passed after a few hours, but a hard flaccid penis followed, as well as erectile dysfunction. This is gradually getting better, as my penis is some times returning to its normal texture and my ED has improved.

But a few days ago, I noticed that I could see new veins appearing on the shaft below the foreskin. I read that this can be because of puberty (I am an 18-year old, by the way). Also, I'm experiencing frequent urination during the evening (which has also been improving).

Does somebody know exactly what I'm suffering from? I think it could be something to do with the Pelvic Floor. Any thoughts? I'd also like to add that I've never felt any pain, except possibly some slight pain the moment my penis went numb after riding the bike.

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I think so but I'd wait and see -- if you think you've still got symptoms after a month, you ought to bring up the topic with your doctor.
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Clearly, you've bruised your uretha (the irritation leads to more frequent urination).  You may also have starved some tissue in that area of oxygen through improper compression of tissue and that's slowly recovering.
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When you say 'slowly recovering', do you mean that this will eventually heal completely?
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You probably did a bit of temporary damage to your pudendal nerve. I would confidently expect everything to return to normal in a short time.
Yes, prudendal nerve for sure....responsible for so many symptoms and senarios in the pelvic/gential/groin area. I'm dealing with it right now. Prudendal nerve damage due to recently aquiring HPV, and probably too much amazing mountain biking..
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