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Has anyone have pain when finishing or about to finish peeing?

It has been going on for 3 weeks. I am 36 yo female. Normal health. I noticed when I am about to finish peeing, I feel a dull ache/pull feeling near the right side of my urethra area. I also feel a twinge pain in my lower right abdomen after I pee.  I don’t feel burning pain, no cloudy or smelly urine and no blood. Any idea? Thanks!
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This seems like a tough one to answer. I think you should start w/ your regular Dr. first, I imagine he/she would want to do a physical exam & prbly order a few tests. If you reg Dr. can’t help, see a specialist, preferably a Urologist who specializes in female urogenital issues. Please check back here & let us know what was found & if you get a firm diagnosis & relief from your symptoms. Best of luck to you...
Got dx with UTI
Well, that should ease your mind somewhat. Sometimes the worst thing is when you know something’s wrong, but not what’s causing it. Thx for letting us know - it could help someone w/ similar symptoms. Often ppl post their prblms & issues here, but then we never hear a resolution, diagnosis, or whether they ever got better, so you’ve done us all a service by letting us know. Hopefully whatever meds you’ve been prescribed do the trick...
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Don't panic.  It might be a UTI.  If your feeling uncomfortable have it checked.  Its painless and you want to stay on top of this if its true.  If your sexually active you might want wait until you know you don't have a UTI or something else.
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