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Hello, I’m a 28 year old male that has been having urinary issues for over a year.

Pain during urination, pinching pain after ejaculation, frequently urinating and dripping after I pee, abdominal pain, tingling on right side of body all the way up to my head, testicle discomfort, not really any discharge however my discharge has change when I am sexually aroused a lot more clear watery discharge happens then before and my semen is different no odor but just different then it was, I have tested negative for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes 1-2, syphilis at least 5 times, mycoplasma and ureaplasma species 2 times by culture, trichomoniasis once, hepatitis a-b-c once. All NEGATIVE, and this has been over the time span of about a year. I have been diagnosed with urethritis with no clear cause. I have also got a cystoscopy, colonoscopy, and ultrasound of testicles & abdomen. The only abnormal finding was a cyst on testical and everything else was normal. I have had treatments of doxycycline (30 days), metronidazole (10 days), levofloxacin (7 days), and most recently azithromycin (for pneumonia that they couldn’t detect, 6 days).
It gets semi-better initially with the antibiotics, but always comes back. I’m still having issues, and I honestly feel like I’m going crazy. The doctors think I’m nuts, and they don’t know what else to do. I’m beginning to feel the same way...it’s driving me nuts, and I have no clue how to get help and find a solution to this. I’m hoping getting my story out, leads me to some answers.....any help would be deeply appreciated.  
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Ok, the clear discharge, when you are erect? If so, it’s PreCum. Coming from a small gland to cleanse the urethra before ejaculation. The nerves in the groin and rectum are plentiful. How’s your lower spine? Any injuries? I have similar pain, even down to my leg. My advice? Exercise increases blood flow, very important for a male, also, ejaculate regularly by what ever means and drink plenty of water. More urinary problems are because of dehydration.
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Hi are you still having issues with this problem?
I am going through pretty much the exact same thing!
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Have you seen a Urologist? Most GP Dr’s are good for diagnosing the usual things they see, but for anything a little more out of the ordinary concerning male sexual & urinary issues, it’s best to see a Urologist, especially if your reg Dr. can’t get to the bottom of it.

I’m surprised no one has investigated the possibility of prostatitis. I would think at least one of the Dr’s you’ve seen would check the prostate. It may not necessarily feel abnormal, but I’ve heard Dr’s describe a prostate as feeling ‘boggy’. Prostatitis can definitely cause some of the symptoms you’ve described - pain on urinating, unpleasant feeling at ejaculation, frequent urination, dripping. That could also explain why you might improve temporarily after antibiotics. I think this is worth looking g into.

Just be aware that if you are diagnosed w/ prostatitis, it can be very difficult to cure, may take trying several different antibiotics, and there are some physical things that can be done to alleviate some of the symptoms, so be patient & keep trying.

Best of luck & let us know what’s found...
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Thank you very much for the response.

I have seen 3 different urologists, and they all said they couldn’t help me further...all three couldn’t refer or recommend testing for things the general family practice couldn’t (like mycoplasma, ureaplasma, etc...)

My family care doctor did briefly look into prostatitis (finger). Also, he said it would most likely show up in the cystoscopy if I had bad prostate issues. Both cleared so I never looked further into it. I do think I might need more investigation after your advice.

I will also be seeing an infectious disease doctor, so I’m hoping this sheds more light...if it doesn’t I might really have to research my next avenue of care. Will update when I have more answers.
Wow - well, sorry to hear even the Uro’s weren’t able to help. Some of these issues can be very vexing - I’ve read many stories of guys going thru similar things & unable to get a solid diagnosis & ‘fix’ the prblm. But - on the plus side, most of the time, smthg is eventually found & treated, and sometimes they even clear up on their own.

Don’t give up, tho - keep working to get to the root of the issue. A new Urologist may find smthg the others missed. In the meantime, read up on natural treatments for prostatitis - including supplements, lifestyle changes & such things as prostate massage. If you try the massage route, make sure you get someone with a lot of experience w/ it & preferably an actual Dr. - if done incorrectly, it could do more harm than good. You could always try it a few times & see if it helps, might take a few sessions before you see improvement...

One bit of advice is to keep a somewhat ‘regular’ schedule of ejaculation, prbly 2-3 times a week, spread evenly every 2-3 days. The key is neither too much nor too little. There are NON-bacterial forms of prostatitis (which could be why your tests are negative) that are made worse by irregular sexual activity - for example, going several days or a week or more with no release, then a cpl days (like on a weekend) of a lot of activity. This type of irregular activity can aggravate any existing issues.

There are books available at your library or articles you can find online that have a lot of advice for this issue. Even if it turns out this is NOT a prostate issue, these types of behavioral changes, supplements & treatments will most likely do you no harm & might help to some degree.

As always, check back in here & let us know how you’re doing & if you’re getting a solid diagnosis & a treatment that’s helping.
Thank you very much, I will continue to update as I find out more information.
Is there any update here ? I am literally having the exact same issues with similar sequence of events
Bogger, have you seen a Uro? If you go to a reg Dr & they can’t help you, the next step is to see a good Urologist - these types of issues are right in their wheelhouse & this is their specialty...
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