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Hernia or something else?

Dear Community,

I have posted before but still have not had a proper answer. The main issue is that one of my testicles is higher, It usually happens more when I started lifting from my injury. My questions is, can a hernia cause something like that ? I Have been to different doctors and none of them say its a hernia. They suggest it could be an issue from the hip of the quad itself? I have read something about a cremaster muscle to active. Has anyone else had experience with something like that?

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With all due respect, if you are being seen by doctors and they don't think it is a hernia, it's likely not a hernia.  How, from a description, would people on the internet contradict a physical examination performed by doctors?  If they say it could be an issue from your hip or quad, what's the next step?  An orthopedist to determine?  What is there solution?  Does ibuprofen relieve any pain?  It's just your testicles aren't symmetrical (I thought that was normal).  Do you have pain?  
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I do have pain but it’s more like a dull ache pain in the groin and now on the testicle. It’s been a couple of months since May. I am doing rehab and therapie. My testicles was always higher than usual but I have never experienced pain. I got an mri of my lower back and nothing. So far they have said it’s something like a tear on the quad , damage to the pubis. Or even on the hip. Thank you for your answer
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