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How could that happened?

Hello! I'm 22yrs old male. I won't be long. It's weird situation. It makes me depressed, please help, how can I change look on that. So, It goes about my penis. Okay here we go. So I was born with curvature in penis, and now all that years I remember It's true. It was never straight. I thought that is normal right, I mean you're born that and penis is growing and developing. I also had long time phimosis. So I was able to fully retract my glans at 16yrs old I think. Now here is the catch. I saw the frenulum completely at 16yrs, I said what is that, somekind of strong tissue. It was lined almost to half of penis. I thought it was overgrown, because my foreskin wasn't fully retracted long time (until 16yrs). So I left it like that some years, I said I need to go just to a doctor to circume me or what is that. I that time I didn't even realise I had curvature in penis, even I saw it right, I thought it was normal. Puberty and that stuff, growing up. So I left my penis like that, to growing. Then I see I have curvature, won't get away? And that I connected I think it's just frenulum, that's why it's curved. I mean I didn't even bother why is it curved, I said it's frenulum perhaps. Like I said it was lined under the skin and you could see the line. Strong tissue under the skin. So I thought frenulum is curving my penis some and somehow although whole was curved, you know I thought frenulum adds to some curvature. I looked some to internet I saw some picture about frenulum breve, and almost like that it looked my penis. Just it was curved not straight. I wasnt even concentrated on that. So i go to doctor and tell him I have curved penis it's frenulum breve. Okay, doctor tell me, i have curvature you will have operation. That time I just wanted to quickly resolve the problem. So they operated me, degloved penis and put stitches inside my penis. I didn't expect that. Now I see I could have done that better and went to better hospital, better specializants. I just didn't imagine that kind of operation. I don't know how is that even possible. They did good but now i see it could have been completely straight I think if I would go elsewhere. Noe i will have another operation, Nesbit. But past is bothering me, that time I didnt think about penis that much. Noe i think all the time, I could do better. Please help with your answers. Any advice?
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Hello man, i have the same opperation for short frenulum before 7 months that left me a scar that cause bent at the penis, and a dent/notch under the scar, and now iam worried that i can get Peyronies disease in the future with sex act.....
I mean apparently I didn't have short frenulum, I just thought that frenulum adds to curvature because it was lined under the skin to half of penis and you could see it! I had nesbit operation for correctjon of curvature.
I think you can't get Peyronies. You get Peyronies when scar is inside the penis on breccia bodies, tunica albuginea. That's inside of the penis. What is on the foreskin is other, I think yoi can't get that.
Yes i know that the scar is inside with Peyronies, I just worried more about the dent under the scar. When i get erection i have a dent and thats worries me. I have been to my urologist he say that i dont have to worry, also i been in a group for Peyronies that people theres tell me that i dont have to worry too. Iam worried because i can get trauma and after that i get peyronie.....
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Primy -

I'm a little confused. Do you still have the curve at the frenulum? Or is the curve at your shaft?

Do you have Peyronie's?

Many men have curves to their penises. That's normal. If it's not painful or causing problems with sexual performance (and I mean physically), then there's no need for surgery.

The Nesbit procedure is for those who are having problems because their penises have extreme curves - like they can't penetrate partners, for example.

I don't mean to sound harsh, honestly. I just can't tell if your issue is physically or aesthetic.
auntijessi thanks for your reply! It was whole shaft you know, but i wasn't even that concentrated on that, because i had phimosis long time, than I see that frenulum which is lined under the skin to almost half of penis, you know the tissue under the skin. Now I know for what is frenulum and everything. I just don't know what i was thinking. I thought frenulum adds some to curvature. I had congenitala curvature as i remember, it was never straight, but I thought it curved a little through years. So I had nesbit yes, inside stitches.
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