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How long after Bi-Polar Turp should you have urinary issues ?

Now 5 weeks post-op from Bi-Polar Turp; pain with urination has gone from mild to worse again over past week and I  have to Pee every 2-3 hrs- it seems- usually urgently- just as painful as right after catheter was removed. Dr said 4-6 weeks but it is not getting better- but worse! Is there a way to help the bladder do a better job recovering? Prostate was 100+ cc Should I be doing some type of bladder- excercising?  Thanks
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Wove- sorry to hear of your troubles, does NOT sound pleasant. Normally I’d say this is a Q for your Dr., but it sounds like the advice he’s giving may not be working out as it should. Hopefully there are some other guys here who’ve had this procedure & can share their experiences. Or would be good to hear from a medical professional, preferably one w/ some urological experience and/or familiarity w/ this type of procedure. My own non-medical opinion is yes, you should be getting better now, not worse. Best of luck finding a solution & please let us know what you find out & how you’re doing...
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Considered the gold standard of therapy for severe urinary incontinence following prostate cancer surgery. It may take 4 to 6 weeks to heal from surgery, during which the pump cannot be activated. Possible complications include infection, erosion of tissue around the implants, and malfunctioning of the device.
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Not 100% sure, but I think this info is regarding penile implants, not TURP. I know about this - I’m a prostate cancer patient myself. Almost all men have a period of ED following prostate cancer surgery. If ED meds & penile injections don’t work, the implants are the last resort for men to regain erectile function. But this is different from TURP, which is a surgical procedure to relieve non-cancerous prostate enlargement (BPH) that causes problems with urination. In any case, if it’s already been more than 4-6 weeks as his Dr. suggests for healing & he’s still having problems, it seems like another medical opinion might be in order. In fact, he says he’s getting worse, not better, so something definitely seems wrong...
Sorry - I re-read the original comment, this info is probably for the bladder sling surgery performed for urinary incontinence, not the penile implants. - my mistake. Same advice applies to tw22, tho...
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