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I Think I fractured my penis

For the record, I am 17

I woke up this morning and rolled over on to my erect penis at an odd angle, this was maybe 45-60 minutes ago. Since then I have been unable to get even the slightest erection (I Can barely wiggle the thing) and it's returned to a completely flaccid state since.

There is no severe pain or swelling at the moment, there is a slight soreness, but it's very faint. I have not noticed any change in color or anything, but being a teenage boy and unable to get any response from it (I have attempted to get an erection through both manual and visual stimulation) is worrying me greatly.

Thank you for your time.
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Update: There is definitely some dis-colorization now, there is a patch on the left side of my penis that is rather darker than the rest of the penis. I did finally manage to get an erection, but it only lasted a few seconds before going flaccid again. there is still no pain, and it does not hurt to touch. (although I have some testicular pain, it might be "Blue balls"?)
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It is not that easy to fracture your penis. You are going to be alright. The reason you can't get an erection is because you are anxious and trying too hard. Just leave everything alone for the moment.
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