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I can do I heal the damage of jelqing?

two years ago brutally stretched me about doing the exercises penis "jelqing" I had low self-esteem had a normal penis but I wanted a bigger one, I should have accepted as it was and went idiot to do so, from that day my life has become very difficult as my penis change feels different and looks different are noticed more nerves and lost believe sensitivity and also my penis in the cold or when I run shrinks and is very annoying, I was always shy and could never have a girlfriend and now I feel less opportunities have fallen in love or liking a girl and I'll have a little fascist but I have a penis that insurance is defective and not know if I can satisfy enough a woman and every time I have more the need to be with a beautiful girl that I love and sex that is what I need, and gone to the urologist 2 times and say that everything is fine this all in my head I very much do not believe them, and searched the internet solutions or cures many say that I have done rest my penis for a long time and may not masturbate and do not have sex, I have thought to do that though difficult, often I think of a black to me that my penis will not return to normal future and that old age will worse and I can never satisfy me or a woman and to know the love of my life, and thought about suicide several times but I do for my family what should I do? Do you think there is hope? I have 21 years I'm from Argentina and I'm desperate
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From your experience, you know that being rough with your genitals leads to problems, so there's no point in warning you about that.  What's done is done.  It's interesting about what the urologist said, because you still see and feel damage.  Do you usually wake up in the morning with an erection?  If so, that is a good sign that your organs are working.  If not, then more healing has to be done.  Keep up your general health by not smoking, limiting alcohol, eating proper foods, and exercising to keep fit.  Depending upon your situation, you may want to go to another urologist for a second opinion, if possible.  Explain what you did and see what can medically be done to correct the damage.    
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Well shaboon , have you had a dopplar ultrasound , an MRI or any sort of imaging done? If not then I advise to do so

Like yardbull said if you awake with morning erections then it is a good sigh (NPT determines weather your erectile dysfunction is mental or physical)

and did you hear a snap or a pop or anything?
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