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I cannot feel my orgasm/climax Also Penile Numbness/ Low-T(22/male/sad)

1)    I have not been able to feel my orgasms for about a month and a half or a little bit more....
Also I have numbness of the penile area like a lessening feeling.

2)    I think the feeling started to dwindle starting in August/september during that time I could tell less sensitivity was happening ,but I did not take it seriously so I thought sleep it off. Then during the months until December my mind was just destroyed feeling a lot more numbness and less feeling..... :/ :(
3)     So during the first couple of days of january 2015I went to a doctor to see me. I thought it might have been a bladder/uriniary infection I was prescribed an anti-biotic. I thought less feeling = infection(meaning infection is destroying cells/nerves in penile area).

4) I gave blood for tests and I gave a urine sample. The urine sample was clean... nothing..... no bacteria etc..... it was tested at a lab and by the doctors office. Nothing showed up... not culture nada...

5) The blood test came up with Low-Testosterone I am hoping the LOW-T is the cause of my numbness/less feeling ... I had a scor of 258 for my T level.... I am scared I have nerve damage or permanently unable to feel the orgasm.... I can feel the build up to an orgasm ,but then hit by a brick wall when the ejaculation occurs.... There is also penile numbness.... I sometimes wish I was a chick....... Being a man is tough.....
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Most of the treatments, try to enhance blood circulation in the groin area or increase testesterone. Search for such exercises and do them regularly. Few of them are male deer exercise, Kegel exercises, Sat kriya. You can also learn kundalini yoga. If you continue for a long time, you may find the difference. there are many websites. Search them and do these exercises. There are few herbs which will help. you may read many threads in sexual health forum, man's health forum as well. I am sure you will find some technique which will be effective for you. No spell check done)
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Do you have any treatment suggestions such as vitamins or supplements? Maybe injections of some kind or some sort of boosters for testosterone?
I will be doing exercises ,but I am not familiar with the ones you describe. However I will look them up to see what they are. Also I am just really concerned with the numbness. Either it is the Low-T, an STD or nerve damage or maybe all three who knows.

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Numbness in the penis can be caused by nerve damage, or by skin damage due to rough masturbation. It is also often psychological in nature - in other words, you noticed something is different, and you are worried about it, and your anxiety leads to a perceived loss of feeling.

One way to improve the situation is to increase blood flow to the area through exercise, as well as avoiding long periods of sitting and wearing non-restrictive clothing. A penis health creme with vitamin C and l-arginine can also help stimulate blood flow and may help increase feeling in the area.
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