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Im scared whats wrong with me

So over the past two years off and on I've had pain in my testicles like someones grabbing them and squeezing them both as hard as possible an the only time it feels better is after i take a poop. I went to the local hospital in fort worth known as John Peter Smith. They ran a test found a small bump on one of my testicles nothing came of that as far as that i didn't go back due to a doctor telling me to let him look at it then he put a glove on an put a finger inside me. He tried to set me up to see someone at the Baylor medical university but i cant afford it so i didn't go. I've looked online everywhere I've asked people that i know that are in the medical field and no one knows whats going on. Someone please help me.
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I talked to you in the TC forum.  Have you been followed up for that lump?  Did they ever tell you what they thought it was?   It wasn't clear in your post if the doctor wanted you to see someone else because of what they found on the ultrasound.  If that's the case you need to see a urologist right away.  Go to the ER if you have to.
I hope everything's ok.
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