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Is peryonie's easily diagnosed?

If I feel around it sometimes feels like there is a couple hard bumps that feel like really small rocks that are a little bigger than the size of the period in this sentence. I first thought it was peyronies but I had no curvature or pain. I then went to a few urologists and one specialist that did an ultrasound and they didn't think I have it. I'm not sure what else it could be or maybe it is normal.

If a specialist doesn't see it in an ultrasound then is that generally pretty conclusive that it isn't peyronies? Or should I see more urologists?
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Well, I highly doubt it’s Peyronie’s because, by definition, Peyronie’s is a curvature of the penis when erect. You’re saying you don’t see any curvature, so it seems pretty unlikely that’s what it is. As for what you’re describing, can you provide a little more detailed description? I don’t quite understand it. Are you saying these are small ‘bumops’ on the surface, or you feel it’s more internal (like inside the urethra)? I have no idea what this could be, but providing a little more detail might help. Do you only notice this when erect, or do you feel it when flaccid as well? Are these bumps on the side, the underside, near the glans or head? Tell us a little more. Most likely this is going to take some investigation by a medical professional, including an exam.
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Thanks for the reply.  They feel like a couple of really small pebbles on the top and slightly to the side.  It is not just under the skin, I have to push down to feel them and they can't be seen at all.   I could try to explain it better if that doesn't make it more clear.  I have seen a few urologists and a peyronies specialist so maybe it isn't that..but I'm not sure if it is easy to miss very mild cases.  Is there anything in that part of the body that could feel hard to the touch?
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Hmmmm... well, unfortunately I really have no idea what these are. However, since you’ve already seen Dr’s & specifically, Urologists, I think if they thought this was anything to be concerned about, they most likely would tell you & probably order additional tests. Not trying to make light of this condition - it would be normal for any guy to get concerned if we thought smthg wasn’t right w/ our sexual apparatus. But it’s my guess that these bumps are not anything serious. I guess if they got larger or more started appearing, that might be smthg to be concerned about.
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