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Left side lower abdominal pain after TURP, possible?

My husband just had the TURP three days ago, started with no pain after the catheter was removed. Now from last night, he was complaining the left side lower abdominal pain, and lasted all the way through today. Felt like muscle or nerve, any explanation?
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Sounds very familiar. Is he peeing? How often? How much? I want really voiding we’ll after the cath came out. 3 days later I ended up in the ER with massive pain. Turns out the bladder was probably nicked & urine was leaking into the pelvis. This is an extra peritoneal leak & very dangerous. So if he’s not voiding well & that pain isn’t better- go get checked out right away. Don’t wait like I did.
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Those are great questions from Moman45.  Answer those and we'll talk more!
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