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Lots of new veins in penis

Hi, I'm 34 years old male and circumcised. First of all sorry for my English.
Exactly one month ago and after a period of frecuent (3 times a week) and a bit rough masturbation without lube I realized that I had developed new veins in the penis.
Large veins with varicose appearance along the shaft of the penis and many spider veins under the glans and under the urethra (not in the urethra, just below, I have not painful urination or anything like that).
At first I started to worry a little about the appearance but I didn't feel discomfort, just one side of the shaft a little bit irritated. The following week I started noticing more intense discomfort, a feeling of general burning around the penis, a more intense sharp burning if I touched the veins, especially spider veins and a general feeling of irritation in the glans, a lot of heat and low sensitivity.
I mentioned to my dermatologist, he said that are normal veins and he gave me corticosteroids to apply 3 days twice a day in the places I felt irritation. After that only I have been applying moisturizer for sensitive skin.
I have also consulted two dermatologists online and their opinion is that veins may have appeared but the pain is irritation due to masturbation.

Although there are things that have caught my attention, at no time have had the typical redness of irritated skin. The areas that are apparently red, are formed by lots of red spider veins type when you stretch out the skin. Also the veins empty of blood when pressed and refilled when remove your finger. I don't know if normal veins do that. The pain isn't in the general area, is located when I touch some veins, feeling of shaped burning.

It's been a month and since I realized that I haven't had any sexual activity or masturbation. The veins of the shaft and below the glans are slightly less sensitive to touch since I put moisture lotion twice a day. The general sense of burning of the first week has disappeared. But the glans not seems to have improved, it is very sensitive to friction, it's an irritation type sensitivity. And especially the redness with spider veins just below the urethra that burns every time that rubs against clothing, which makes very uncomfortable simply walk.

You can see pictures of how is everything in the link below

Basically my question is, if a penis is in a high state of irritation, is it normal to take over a month to recover?

Has anyone experienced a similar case of appearance of veins with pain?

I don't care how they look but I'm worried about the pain,it will last forever?

Thank's in advance.
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What your describing sounds like vericocele veins in your testicles. See a Urologist and ask to be checked for these. I had a vericocele embolization and things have gotten better. Get it checked out.
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In my case the veins are in the penis, not in the testicles
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Yes I had the veins on the penis too.  Your blood can't escape your testicles because your veins are working properly so they are filling up all your other veins around your testicles such as on your penis. This is why you are noticing them now. Trust me get tested for vericocele veins as this is likely the cause of your problem.
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Hey man, did you ever figure out what it was? did you find a treatment that worked? I am experiencing the same exact thing and would love some direction if you were able to seek treatment that worked.
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I have this and am hoping to have the surgery ASAP... Did your penis return to normal? The veins on mine have become very large and prominent and I hate them!

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I have same problem, it's been 3 weeks with no improvement.. very worried. Discomfort while walking or riding bike. Extreme anxiety . How did your situation turn out ? Seeing urologist next week
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