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Mild Penile fracture

During intercourse last night I slipped out of my partner and then she came down on my erect penis fairly hard.  There was no popping or cracking noise however it sure did smart some.  I was fairly instantly flacid and I knew something was wrong so I got ice on it within seconds of it happening and went into bed to lie down and start googling what had just happened.  

My scrotom swelled up fairly quickly, nothing drastic as it is soft and loose in areas but around the base closest to my anus it is the most swollen.  There is no discoloration, no pain, I am able to urinate and defecate without pain, discomfort or blood and when I awoke the next this morning after having fell asleep with the icepack on it I had a slight erection as I do most mornings.  

24 hours later I have taken some ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory and I am applied ice, or an icepack for 2-3 hour durations with approximately 2 hour breaks between ice sessions.  I've stayed in bed the entire time with the exceptions of bathroom breaks thanks to an amazing woman that is overcome with guilt right now :)

To touch I cannot feel any hard lumps or spots on my scrotom it just feels slightly inflated and there is an area at the base of my scrotom approximately 3cm by 4cm where blood has gathered under the skin.  There is still no pain or discomfort to speak of, I have had no problems, discomfort or blood with urinating or defecating all days and still go like clock work.  Swelling tends to increase when the ice is applied but 3-4 minutes after the ice is remove the swelling goes down until ice is re-applied again.  The shaft itself appears completely normal, albeit disheartenly smaller next to my enlarged scrotom :)

From what I've read ice packs and bed rest are the prescription for something like this unless things look to get worse.  But if anyone has anything to add be my guest, just thought I would share
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Update 55 Hours later:

The ice is now having the opposite effect as before where it is now reducing the swelling considerably.  With ice applied for 1-2 hours scrotum size is reduced by approximately 30-40% , without ice scrotum is about 15-20% smaller than the day or day after the fracture.

The dark purple area at the base of my scrotum is shrinking in size and is also approximately 15-20% smaller.

After the last application of an icepack I can see a light purple area at the base of my penis more on the right hand size with an even lighter purple area approximately 2 centimeters wide leading from the darker spot down towards the base of my scrotom. As it leads down it widens and fades.  I am assuming the light purple spot near the base of the penis is where the fracture happens and this is the initial bleeding that has settled to the bottom of my scrotom.  It is clear that the fracture did not happen in the middle of the shaft as the tell-tale S-curve that fractured penises normally take is not present.  The side of the fracture is slightly swollen, 1-2 mm at most when compared to the other side.  Penis has not taken on a curve or any odd shape.

This new spot only became visible after my last ice session, which was the first session than the scrotum size decreased as dramatically as it did.  So either the skin is thinning out and showing more of the initial injury or the ice is causing it.  Regardless, after nearly 3 days of constant icing I will give it a rest for the day and see what happens.

Still able to urinate and defecate without any problems and on the second night I woke up 3 times with erections.  I've read that in the case of a penile fracture erections can cause more blood to leak out through the fracture so I quickly calmed my mind the best I could and went back to sleep.  Have been looking for muscle relaxants to help with this but have been unable to find any around.

Still taking Motrin every 4-6 hours and lots of vitamins to keep my immune system strong.

I've noticed the best healing results after sleeping, the second night after the incidence I had to work the graveyard shift from my laptop and over the course of the 8 hours there was no noticeable reduction in swelling, however immediately after sleeping or 10 hours I did notice the scrotum was much less tight and swollen..  So I will try to get as many cat naps in during the day as I can as I am still confining myself to best

I'll add another update over the next 24-48 hours
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More Reading has been done and I've learned that if it was a fracture that maintaining an erection after the incident is next to impossible.  I had a full erection 6 hours after the incident when I woke up and 3 separate erections the night following that.  I am doing my best to get some muscle relaxants to prevent further erections in the case that they could cause blood to seep into my scrotum and have taken 1000UI's of Vitamin E as a preventative measure against plaque as well as keeping up with my vitamins and immune boosters.

Funny to think that this stuff can actually happen to you isn't it?  I think the best thing is the positive attitude, doing everything you can without loosing yourself in fear and worry.  Que sera sera yes?
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It does not look like fracture penis because you are having erections and normal bowel and urination functioning. It can be due to small hematoma formation. Application of mild corticosteroid cream and oral antiinflammatories like ibuprofen/acetaminophen are also helpful. If the symptoms are severe then it will be best to consult a urologist.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to write me here, I certainly appreciate it.  

90 hours since the incident swelling has gone down considerably.  With the application of the ice pack swelling is reduced completely.  No new major blood spots, although there is some slight darkening of the scrotum in areas.  It is possible to see drastic lightening in other spots where the blood is drying up. Blood filled area at the base of the scrotum is still present although small.

Erections are happening more frequently now, at least every time I am sleeping
I have discovered that full blown sneezes cause me pain in my penis just as coughing does if I have an erection.  

No deformities, no additional discomfort, sticking to my bed rest all day to avoid any jostling and continuing my 1000IU intake of Vitamin E to prevent plaque buildup if possible.

A quick question would be how long after I am healed should I wait before allowing myself an erection or before sexual intercourse?  Obviously I am not doing anything until it feels 100% which I have heard is usually 3-6 weeks, however I do not want to assume all is well before it feels that way when it could require more time.
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After 5 days the swelling of the scrotum has gone down considerably and the base of the scrotum no longer feels like a water balloon and is taking it's original shape again, although it is all fairly tender.  It appears that in some areas blood is drying up as the dark purple is turning lighter and in some ares dissapearing entirely, although after 5 days of rest some of the blood that was pooled in the base of my scrotum has seeped the areas of my buttocks close to my anus.

I do have a few questions that have popped into my head over the course of this:

How long do I continue to take my daily 1000IU doses of Vitamin E?
Should I continue to apply ice packs to the scrotum? If so at what intervals and for how long?  Do heat packs slow the onset of possible infection giving your body a better chance at fighting it?
Should I apply heat packs? If so at what intervals and for how long?
Currently I am making sure I am taking in at least 100% of all possible Vitamins everyday as well as 1 gram of lysine in the morning and another 500 grams in the evening to further boost my immune system.  Are there any other minerals, uncommon vitamins, herbs, or supplements I could be taking which prevent/minimize lasting damage and/or help my body even more in fighting infections?
How long after everything appears healed should I wait before engaging in masturbation or sexual activity?
I still experience strong erections while I sleep, are there any OTC products you can recommend to prevent this?

Thanks in advance for your help and time!
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I'm currently experiencing almost a similar situation to what onlyrightnow posted. Had sex with my girlfriend a few days ago and had an incident where she came down on my erect penis. I felt a pain at the moment but no cracking/popping sound (and it was still erect); have been feeling a slight/dull pain while flaccid which gets more intense while erect ever sincesince then but no swelling, no blood, no spots/bumps around the scrotum and no discoloration or pain urinating/defecating.

The only issue I have is the pain I feel when erect and have scheduled an appointment with an urologist to further evaluate. Any idea what could be the issue? My girlfriend is distraught (just like onlyrightnow's, go fig) as am I since we're unable to get intimate but would love to know if I indeed fractured my penis or bruised...
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The pain your feeling is from the break or fracture. More or less you did injure yourself having sex. There will be pain for a while until you completely heal. There is a name for the tissue disorder you are experiencing. It's called Peyronie's disease you can google it and read all about it. This has happened to me but I was injured half way down my shaft. Everything functions properly, however I have lost length and girth. Due to the plaque build up my penis has some a different shape and curvature than before. On a good note though the curvature is slightly up a little. Woman that I've had sex with have actually told me that they have never had so many orgasms than before. It's a mind thing for the most part for men that have this type of injury. Peyronie's disease makes it sound so terrible. Make no mistakes though... Men that have more serious injuries from using a catheter or having vigorous sex it is much more detrimental to your life and lifestyle. Hopefully you will not be affected too much by your injury ...

Good luck

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I'm going through the same problem right. Please I need to know if you'r alright now with full function of your prnis and if you had a surgery? Thanks
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Hi !

i am not professional consultant but i had some issue but now feel better then before please use this  ARNICA 30 C  or silicea 30 c you can buy on any homeopathic store or your skin not very sensitive so you can use as massage arnica oil  and castord oil please dont hard massage  use slow light massage if you have swell so dont massage first use ICE PACK'S continue oral medicine with ice packs full bed rest and use vitamins also amino acids or vitamin E specially you use ARNICA so use feel reduce pain in one day please note i am not professional consultant but i share my experience before i had issue but now feel better much better then before

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