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Muscle strain/pull?

I'm new to MedHelp.

Back in March of 2015, earlier this year I was doing some home cleaning. I have carpet in one of the rooms. I was in a squatting position to shove the bed out to clean under it. In this squatting position i felt like a strain/pull type feeling happen. As a man, the feeling of this strain/pull is noticeable (sometimes) when if a man is peeing and then suddenly stops the flow, there. It's like inside my scrotum? or behind it? Maybe by the ejaculatory duct? (just a guess there). The same muscles that when one is defecating and you push and then the poop falls into the water how you tighten backup.

I noticed warm baths soothes the strain feeling.

7-8 months ago when this first happened, I noticed this strain/pull every time I pee'd, but not as much anymore. but if I tighten my muscles down there I can somewhat feel it, but not as strong as 7-8 months ago.

Has anyone experienced this? I've actually Google everywhere, and for once in my life I can't find anything on this topic.

Can I have some Doctors perhaps give me some answers on what the possibility might be. I was told that I don't have a hernia.

Can certain muscles, strains and pulls possibly take years to heal depending what was strained/pull?
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Thanks for responding.

Ok. It just takes time to heal.

I am overweight, so I thinking going to a gym might help stronger those muscles?

The strain/pull is where, as for a male, if you take your finger, under the scrotum and that "tube" feeling inside the scrotum, i'm guessing where urine comes out as well as semen, can that be strained as well? I never heard anything like that?
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This may be arising from your pelvic floor or perineal region. It is probably one of those things that will right itself in time.
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