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Non-Peyrones Deformation

Male 59-- idiopathic polyneuropathy for 10 years with non life-threatening autonomic features-- ED established as part of this illness with full clinical work up. ED not responsive to viagra or injections. Have used vacuum pump sucessfully instead.  Using pump on average twice weekly without problem for past 5 years. However, since late last year vacuum produces erection that is not straight but rather bulges significatly at left base, then again right at mid length. This creates twisted, gnarled Erection, length somewhat diminished--tube is calibrated to monitor this.
Question:   Is this a known condition, if so what, and is there just cause for me to take it back to the shop for more work.  I feel dubious of the possible value gained but still if this new problem can be straightened out I would pursue.  I am an American resident in rural France so getting sophisticated urological care is not so simple.
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I think you should post this excellent question in the Urological Expert Forum, so the urologist can give you an answer. Good luck. Dr. J
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Thank you for reply, and I shall do so.  
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