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Not quite an epididymal cyst.....not quite cancer.....what is it.....?

Afternoon all

My first post, getting nervous so ‘ll be quick and give all the details.....

Presented to the doctors two moths ago with a cyst, after three courses of antibiotics I was referred to hospital for ultra sound scan.

This showed that the testis was clear but that the cyst (against / on the testicle) was multi-cellular and had debris in.....

I have not been given much information except that I need another scan.....was told that my pain and erectile dysfunction was me being worried but these are why I felt in the shower and found the cyst.....!!!!

Anyone an idea of what this could be, multiple cysts, another type of growth.....?

This testicle was un descended when younger and under went an operation about 30 years ago, also am urinating more than often too.....

Many many thanks, doubt scan will be before Christmas so need to ease my mind.....

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Hi,  My husband was just told the same thing today.  They want another scan.  He is scared becasue the Dr has been watching his Prostate levels as they have been inconsistant.  We have had the same issues with disfunction. I hope some has some answers
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Should also say that I have had blood taken, no results yet tho.....
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