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I am 16 and have very weak / no orgasms (this includes when masturbating), however, i used to orgasm in the past. I was wondering if there is a way this can be sorted out and what the reason for it is.
Note: I have recently been diagnosed with raynaud's phenomenon (circulation problems) and i was thinking that this may be the cause of the problems.
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I would not think that your problem is related to Raynaud's . I would first look into the medicines which you may be taking and see if they have any effect upon orgasm/ejaculation. If you are not taking any medication, then you should see a urologist to get evaluated. Your will possibly need some blood and urine tests as well as a physical exam. Ultimately, you may need to see a sex therapist. This specialty is composed of social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists who specialize in help individuals with sexual problems  that are not physical in origin.
It is good that you are asking these questions. Do go ahead and get an appointment soon so that your problem does not get too "fixed" in your mind.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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