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Pain causing vein behind left testicle

Hi there,
Let me go brief on my past history to come to now.
Im a 26 y/o Unmarried (not sexually active) guy here.
4 years back, I was diagnosed with Varicocele in India. My sperm count came low so the doctor suggested to go for varicocele surgery.
He said the healing time will be around a month and I will be good to go to America after the healing time.
I got done the surgery and healed. I came back to US and was fine.
I never noticed the bag of worms every again (thank god).
3 weeks back, I went on a long trip with my friends. As I was the only driver, I drove around 600 miles non stop that day.
I came back and the next day(Monday)I felt my left testicle(where majority of varicose veins were treated) to be very tender and inflammed, also was painful especially while driving etc.
Anyhow I thought the pain will subside so I continued with my regular activities.
After 5 days the pain was almost less, but inflammation was there. I was scared for the varicocele to comeback to haunt me.
So I took an immediate appointment to a Urologist on friday.
He did a self examination, ordered few tests (sperm test, testasterone test,ultrasound) and prescribed me naproxen.
I took naproxen for a week and got done with the sperm test and testasterone test.
By now the inflammation/tenderness of left testicle was nearly gone. I felt better, but on and off I still felt a dull pain which was very distinctive. Especially when I drove etc.
I thought It was epiditymytis.(my internet reasearches)
I also noticed, when my testicles are hanging low, especially when Im feeling hot, behind my left testicle, there is a vein, which If I press (even slightly), I feel instant pain.
After the second week, I went to the doctor for ultrasound.
To my relief., the doctor said varicose veins didnt return, my testasterone levels very normal(550) and my sperm count was fine too (40 mil/ml).
He also said I dont have epiditymtis.
He said the vein behind my left testicle I encounter (only when Im warm and testicles hanging fully) could be the tied up varicose veins.
Anyhow Its been 3 weeks since this all started, and I feel whenever Im warm/hot, my testicles go down fully (which I suppose is normal), but I have a slight discomfort then.
Also when they are down, If I touch the inflammed vein(or whatever it is behind my left testicle), I get the dull pain back, which stays until I cool myself up and let the testicles pull back upwards.
Then I feel normal.
Can anyone tell me whats going on.
If its not varicose veins/or epiditymits/ what it is. Why didnt the doctor catch this thing in the ultrasound and said I was all clear. When I can distinctly feel a wierd vein which still seems to be inflammed.(only when Im warm).
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