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Painful urination with swelling

I’m a male in my early 40s having issue with painful urination at the penis tip and swelling of the penis head. The swelling which appears to turn my corona purple is much worse after peeing. I’m circumcised and the appearance of the head seems to be slightly red and a little dry. No discharge. The pain and sensitivity has gotten so bad that I’m having trouble walking or even moving as even the slightest brush of clothing against the tip or head feels like razor blades. This has been ongoing for 2 months.
I’ve been tested for UTI, STD, urinalysis with micro, without micro, urine culture with sensitivity, ct scan for stone, and a cystoscopy. All came back clear. The dr performing the cystoscopy said he saw irritation in the urethra but no signs of anything cancerous.

I’ve been on Keflex, doxycycline, mupirocin ointment, and I’m currently 3 days into a 7 day course of ciprofloxacin and metronidazole. No change in symptoms thus far.
Does anyone have any clues as to what this could be? It is extremely debilitating as every movement is a struggle.
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OUCHHH !! Sounds pretty unpleasant. Sorry to say, I’m not able to offer an opinion on what this could be. A cpl Q’s - how long has this been going on? How did it start - was there an initial period of minor irritation that got worse over time? Can you connect it with anything you can recall? For example, very vigorous sexual activity of any kind? Do you have any other issues related to this, such as prostatitis? I’m wondering if this could be some type of allergic dermatitis - have you recently switched laundry detergent or shower soap?

You may have to keep seeking answers from medical specialists, altho it sounds like you’ve already done most of the common tests for smthg like this. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Hopefully maybe another reader who’s had similar issues can offer advice, or perhaps someone with specific medical knowledge in this area. Good luck & let us know what’s found...
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So I had another cystoscopy, this time with a biopsy, and all came back clear. My doctor thinks it may be nerve related. If it is indeed nerve damage, would this be a urologists territory? Or neurologist?
I called around looking for a neurologist and none of them treat pain in the genitals?
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Well, if no dermatologists can help, then yes, I'd suggest seeing a Urologist. They may not know what this is either - it definitely sounds like a tough case & very troubling. But don't give up - if one Dr. can't help, ask if they know of someone who might know where to start with this. Best of luck - sure hope you can find some relief from this...
Any luck figuring this out ?
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