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Penile Fracture

My husband has had a penile fracture for about 6 months. He has not seeked medical attention. I have been nagging him to go to our general practitioner. Of course he is to embarrassed. He has pain during an erection and sex. In addition his penis is bent. I am afraid if he doesn't get the proper medical attention it will only get worse with time. What type of Dr. should he be seeing for this? How costly is the repair and does insurance cover such an injury? We are from the Central NY, can you recommend anyone in the Northeast that specializes in this type of injury? Thanks for your assistance with this embarrassing situation.
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You must take him to a Urologist or a Plastic Surgeon at the earliest.

This may or may not be covered with Insurance since it has been several months since he had this injury.

The cost of the repair varies on the degree of injury and the treatment required.

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when is it too late to fix a penile fracture?
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