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Penile fracture or peyronie's disease

Dear doctor,

4 years ago i accidently bent my penis while masturbating. I heard a pop sound but it doesnt hurt at all and my penis still hard, after a few month i noticed that i have curved on my penis when erected. I saw that one side have shorter length and the the other side perfectly fine. Penis fracture or peyronie's disease.

Thank you.
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The only way to know this is to see a doctor.

Do you have any problems penetrating a partner? Without pain, it's probably not Peyronie's, but some can have it without pain.


A penile fracture is a medical emergency, and you might see dark bruising to the penis, pain, etc.


How curved is your penis?

You should see a doctor to make sure everything is okay, and there's nothing going on that could cause long term problems.

Let us know what happens.

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