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Penis not reaching full erection due to physical problem?

I'm a 23 year old male and I've always found my penis to be weird...I just knew from an early age. My erection length is normal, about 6.5 inches, and the girth is a bit thin- 4.1 around.

But I notice then even at my most excited, my penis points down and doesn't go "up" all the way. Not only does it curve downward, it sort of seems "lazy" as well, as it doesn't point straight out but just sort of hangs...

It's firm, but not rock hard, even right before orgasm. The head gets big and the part of the shaft just under that gets plenty firm, but I notice that even at full erection i can FOLD my penis in the middle of the shaft..as if I was only partly erect.

Now, let me just say I don't think it's Peyrone's disease or anything because it doesn't get rock hard, like I said, and it isn't painful- I can even straighten out my erection without pain to make it look straight. And the deviation, from what I've seen, is nowhere near the same...like I said, it's curved but it also sort of hangs low at the base, almost like a long and firm flaccid penis.

But this made me think the other day- perhaps there's something physically wrong with my penis? I have no problem getting an erection, but could it be that something inside is physically preventing the blood from completely filling the chambers to maximum firmness? Could this account for the "hanging," the thinness and the extreme flexibility of my erection?

I have orgasms just fine but I'm worried that I may not be reaching my potential for my partners...or even my own sexual feeling and pleasure. Has anyone ever heard of a penis physically not being able to fill with blood do to some kind of blockage or complication within the chambers???

I know I should see a urologist but I don't even know how to approach it...do I just tell him my erection is strange? Do you have to masturbate in bathroom of the doctor's office or does he gives you something to make you get an erection? I really don't know how it works....and sadly I have no insurance right now.

So until then, I figured I'd try to ask the experts on here...I've NEVER heard or seen a penis that's flexible at full erection...or one that sort of hangs like mine.
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Ok your 23 so I wouldnt think you have a blood flow problem. Do you smoke or use drugs? If you do these will put a heavy damper on everything.
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No, the only thing I do is drink coffee once a day. No drugs (ever), very very very rarely drink (maybe once a year).

Thinking there could be some deformity constricting blood flow? Maybe had it since birth?
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From the symptoms it looks like erectile dysfunction. Common causes causing erection problem are stress and anxiety,poor communication with your partner, unrealistic sexual expectations, which make sex a task rather than a pleasure,negative feelings about non performance,smoking, alcohol and sometimes illicit drugs and medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or thyroid conditions, poor circulation, low testosterone, depression, spinal cord injury, nerve damage (for example, from prostate surgery), or neurologic disorders (such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease).

Medications such as blood pressure medications (especially beta-blockers), heart medications (such as digoxin), some peptic ulcer medications, sleeping pills, and antidepressants may also cause erectile dysfunction.
Talk to your partner openly about any fears or apprehensions, eat nutritious healthy food,exercise regularly and cut down on smoking or alcohol if you are taking it.
If still a problem then please get yourself evaluated for the medical conditions mentioned above.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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I was diagnosed with ED in 2003 but had it prior to this date. I was being evaluated for possible physio or other any other rehabilitation program. One of the things in this was sexual health.
I told them that I habe haviing problems since about 1996. In 1994 I had a resection of the bladderneck  and prostate and was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder in 1996.
When I consulted with a urologist for ED he first asked me a bit of history leading up to my problems with ED. After that he suggested injecting the penis with California Tri-mix to determine if the problem was physical or psychological. I had also told hime that medications like Viagra and Cialis did not work at all for me.
I was told to get up on the examination table with my pants and shorts removed. He than used a butterfly needle to inject my penis with the caverject drug. After about 10 minutes my penis started to get erect and after 20 minutes the penis was firm enough for penetration. Everything was done in a reldxed and professional manner. That same day I was given a prescription for California Tri-mix double strength.

A few days lter I was thaught how to inject the drug into the penis by a nurse. Again everything was in a relaxed and professional manner.
I hope that this information will put your mind at ease and that it wil help you in your consultation with a urologist.

All the best.

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Hi. i am getting same problem from last three weeks. not getting full length. my age is 23.

did this medicine help with you?
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I know its been almost five years since you posted this but I wanted to know if you found a cure or an explanation. I'm 21 years old and I suffer the same condition.
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Sir I am suffering from the same problems,yesterday while masturbating my penish sounds pops nd from then I can't able to be fully erected nd liitle worried...penish doesn't erect fully nd about liitle erection it bend downwards in left direction..so u please help me ...
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Hi , i am 20 years old and i am a virgin.
The problem is my penis is never fully erect , even when with a partner. It gets hard but is curved and bending downwards. After putting the condom on and when trying to penetrate it becomes soft. This has happened thrice already. I am really worried and need your suggestions. When i masterbate also my penis is hard but never fully erect , although i do *** , is this normal ?
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Hi i lost vargintly one ago at first i was very nervousso i used levitra 20mg halo even i didnt have erection problam i  took it for 10 days and aftar i have erection problam my penis feel lighter feel like sponge its not even thick when its hard im soo worried about this
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I am 28 was circumcised at 18 and was left with a twisted and bent ****, a couple of weeks after the op I was in a lot of pain so scared because my **** was almost pulling itself apart with an erection because he had ****** it up so bad, it managed to stay in one piece but the crookedness still hurts sometimes. After a few months it lost a lot of size and length and that made it a bit straighter and now I have an ugly pin ****. The urologist would not admit ******* it up and told my parents (who paid for it) that Its in my head and I  should see a psychologist (nice ****!) no girl wanted to be my girlfriend, some were happy to be **** buddies for a bit. I suffered for a long time, thought about killing myself a lot, thought about killing the urologist a lot but decided to forgive him. At 25 one of my old **** buddies decided I was good enough for her and now we have 2 kids and we are going to get married eventually. She saved me because at the time we hooked up again, I was riding my motorbike drunk through the hills all the time trying to kill myself after an experience with a girl pushed me right over the edge and I was ready to die. I hope to one day get it fixed and maybe get the size back again, my girlfriend doesnt even know about my story she just plays dumb
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Im 16 and have the same problem it also goes flaccid after 20 sec its annoying me because im also in a relationship and i dont want to upset my girlfriend with it
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How many of you are watching alot of porn. Even though porn is not always the problem if you watch it alot you get used to that mental stimulation and your mind what more and more intense sex. It has a mental and physical effect on a mans erection. Just a thought. Think seriously if you want to find the true cause, Too much Caffiene, energy drink, blood pressure, sugar, stress , depression, ect can cause this but something as easy to fix as porn addiction can be corrected.Go to the urologist, tell him everything and be honest about whatever the issue is or that you want a full work up.
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