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Peyronie's Disease?

Hello. Im 23 and 2 days ago noticed a very hard vein on the left side of my penis. It is at the base and does not run length ways along the penis, rather around it. If compared to a watch it would be between points 5-1. It is like a cable thickness right under the skin.

It is noticeable to look at and at ejaculation becomes incredibly hard and causes pain. When flaccid I can still feel this hard thickened vein within my penis even though it isnt noticable then.

My erections have been much slower to attain and soon dissapear. Urinary function is still normal. Im concerned im getting Peyronie's Disease and am very worried. Im too embarrassed to see a doctor about this and have been reading on here and found a similar case to this already only the vein direction is different. Im not sure if this is significant or not. Any advice would be much appreciated. Im not sure if I should wait this out or not.

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What you’re suffering from is known as Mondor’s disease in which there’s clotting of blood in the superficial veins of the penis. This commonly occurs secondary to the formation of a thrombus within the veins. The treatment lies in using NSAIDS which are anti-inflammatory drugs and relieve the pain. The anticoagulants which can be used are heparin and aspirin. The basic cause of this entity is trauma to the veins which can happen due to masturbation or sexual intercourse and these need to be avoided till the healing occurs. Please do consult a urologist for the same. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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Thank you very much for your help.
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