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Pop felt in Penis, 2nd Injury

In short, I am looking for advice/information/help. I have suffered two injuries to my penis. One four years ago and one three months ago.  I am in my mid-20s.

Four years ago, I was having sex with my girlfriend - she was on top and my penis was not that hard.  She went back and forth and I felt multiple pops at the base of my penis. Since there was no pain, I didn't think much of it and then eventually ejaculated. The ejaculation felt kind of weird though; not painful but not very satisfying. I didn't have any swelling. The next day, I noticed something was wrong because my erection was weak. There may have been a little bit of bruising a few weeks later.

I visited a uro and he said that I shouldn't have sex for the next 3 months and prescribed me vitamin E.  At about the three month point following the initial injury, I had sex but it wasn't very satisfactory.  My penis was kind of limp and my ejaculation was like it had been earlier, almost painful.

Then, I went to a different uro who prescribed me Cialis and Viagra. Both of them would "work" in that my erections were harder, but my penis still had that deflated feeling.

My erections continued being weak for a while, but then eventually things returned to normal.  I was so unbelievably happy.  BUT then it got worse for no apparent reason, and it was back to weak erections. I'd have spells of a few days of good erections and then weak ones. It alternated in this way for about three years.  Gradually though, I think it was improving.

Then three months ago, I was having sex in the missionary position but was not too hard.  This sex was more aggressive than usual because I was frustrated that it wasn't getting up like it had been in previous weeks. Then, I felt a small pop.  It wasn't painful at all, and like earlier I could finish as my erection stayed just about the same. I felt like it was not a big deal; or at least, I tried to convince myself that it wasn't. So, I had sex again later that day, and though the sex wasn't great - from the penis point of view, it was okay. And then, I decided to not masturbate at all but had sex about three weeks after that.  During that, my penis was pretty strong but the ejaculation was like it had been earlier, a little painful.

Soon enough, things started to get worse, it felt like a repeat of what had happened four years ago. Now, my penis is probably too weak for sex - like it had been four years ago. At least sometimes, I get slight morning wood, but it's not strong. There is a dull pain at the base of my penis that had never been there before.

Since this second injury, I have been taking Arginine (1000mg three times a day), Gingko Biloba (three times a day), L-Carnitine (twice a day), and Vitamin E (400ml three times a day).

Here's what I think happened.

Basically, I never fully recovered from that first injury in which I suffered a minor penile fracture. And then I made it worse three months ago with another small tear at the same spot.

I have not masturbated for about a month now and try not to touch my penis at all.  I think masturbation - after the first injury I would watch porn and masturbate just because I wanted to make sure I still could - was what prevented me from making a full recovery.  So Stuuupid!

Now my sex drive is down to nothing, and my penis feels sore and weak.  My usual healthy erection is usually about 5.5 inches long. Now, I don't even want to test it, as I'm trying to give this rest idea a shot.

I feel like such a moron for having let this second injury happened - my uro had warned me and so had these forums. This is really taking a toll on me, on my relationships with other people, my family, my work, my ability focus, everything. This is affecting me so much that I think I need to start living a different life or something, as I get no joy out of anything that's happening now. What I'm trying to do now is just rest my penis as much as possible and am going to see a different uro in two weeks. I'm afraid he'll just tell me to rest and that it's not a big deal and that I should continue taking some supplements.

I'd be grateful for some feedback. Maybe there's a different supplement that's worth taking? Maybe there's something I should tell me uro when I meet with him? Maybe there are new drugs/measures to be taken?

If I could do this all over again, I would have really tried to rest my penis completely, and my mind as well, so that it could recover as best as it could.
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Has your gottoen better. I think i did the same thing to mine. Jerked off and hear a pop. Then i relised my boner wasn't as hard. What should i do so it doesn't get worse. What do u recommend should i stop masturbating. I just dont want to end up like u. Like feeling pain when ejaculating.all i have is a weak boner. Sorry wish i could help but this is the first time this happend to me. I would of just not had sex till i saw some improvement. Wish u luck man.
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