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Prostate area pain after removal

I am 64 years of age and I think I keep reasonably fit by going to the gym (when they are open).

Around 3 years ago this September I had a radical prostatectomy (prostate removed) due to cancer in the prostate area after testing a higher than normal PSA level.

It was removed and I was told that a small border of cancer was left behind, my consultant said that he would have liked it to have been zero but it was a small level so not to worry. The NHS were totally marvellous throughout all of this.

Recovery went well but around 6 months later and roughly every 6 months I get a dull nagging pain that appears to come from the prostate area. I spoke to my urology department (NHS SW UK) and they said it was nothing to worry about as it is just things settling down.

My biggest worry at the moment is that I am still getting this pain around 3 years later (once around every 6 months) and I am a little concerned that something, maybe cancer could be starting to grow in that area or in my bones.

I have been on a PSA tracker system where I get a PSA done every 3 months and it always comes back at a non recordable level 00001 but I am aware that PSA’s are not wholly reliable.

Has anyone else experienced an aching pain after an operation like this, very infrequently though and what advice or course of action did they take. For me it happens in the night whilst I’m sleeping and goes away after around an hour.

Thank you.
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I’m a PCa patient myself, had radical prostatectomy 2 yrs ago. As long as PSA is undetectable, you should be OK. In virtually 100% of cases, presence of residual cancer would cause a PSA rise. Also, I doubt any small am’t of cancer in that area would cause pain.

As for what’s causing the pain, I can tell you this: Prostate Cancer surgery is a pretty complex & delicate procedure, a lot of tissue is removed along w/ the gland itself, and there can be lingering effects for years. In my case, my urination feels a lot different than before, it doesn’t really hurt but often feels almost as if I have a bladder infection. So I think you’re prbly just experiencing lingering effects of some nerve damage from the procedure. Hopefully it will become less noticeable over time.

I guess you could always ask your Urologist if there’s any type of scan that could reveal the source of the pain, but I have a feeling it’s not likely to show anything...
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