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Prostatitis after oral sex

Dec 2018 . Had high risk unprotected oral sex. Next day started having pain in my penis particularly the head of my penis. 4-5 days later the pain went to my testicles then prostate. Now, still having issues. i.e pain in my penis, pain in prostate and legs/thighs, and complete lack of libido/erectile issues. All Stds negative. Any ideas? Semen culture was negative. Everything happened right after this foolish sex mistake. I believe it has to be some type of bacteria or unknown organism. If not that then maybe the initial infection is gone but left a chronic inflammatory response behind. The issue has caused some irritation on my penis, the penis head seems dry periodically. If anybody else is dealing with similar symptoms or got prostatitis after some type of sex. Please pitch in your own input.
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Are you still suffering from this pain??
Having similar issues
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Well, prostatitis CAN cause many of the symptoms you describe. I haven’t heard of someone contracting a prostate infection from oral sex, altho I guess that’s possible. As for the libido & erectile issues, prostatitis can have an effect, but I think it’s also possible you’re stressing yourself out over this & that could be part of the problem. I would continue to see your Dr. about this, if no resolution, then see a Urologist. That’s about the best advice I can give right now. By the way, what’s your age? A lot of guys seem to first encounter prostatitis around their mid 30s - early 40s...
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Thanks for your comment. I’m in my mid 20s actually. But no, I’ve been dealing with this for months the stress phase is over. I’ve heard from too many who also deal with low libido/ED. Doctors are no help. They toss antibiotics around like skittles.
I had it myself in my late 30s & has to deal with it on & off for several yrs. The antibiotics don’t always help because there’s a type of prostatitis that is not associated w/ bacterial infection. The whole issue is not very well understood, so that’s partly why Dr’s use the only thing they know of that might help, and sometimes it does, but not always. Continue to research this issue, there’s a lot of it available online, but just remember that not all the info you find is reliable. It’s worth trying different things (probiotics, for  example), just keep at it till you find smthg that works. It usually does clear up over time, but can take awhile. Good luck, hope u find a solution...
Thank you. I really appreciate your kind words and input. It’s tough dealing with this. Antibiotics have never helped. I’m praying I can get past this. Thank you again.
No prblm, glad to help. Hang in there -  pretty sure things will get better, sometimes this thing hangs on longer than we’d like...
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