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Prostatitis or something else?

So about 8 months ago I started having the constant urge to urinate.  After about 3 weeks of having this constant urge, I went to my primary care physician.  He did a urine test and found that I had trace amounts of blood in my urine. He sent the urine up to the lab for a microscopic evaluation and found that my urine was within normal range as far as red blood cells.  There was no sign of infection.  Over the next couple of months I felt better, then worse, then better.  I visited my primary care physician 2 more times.  Each time there was trace amounts of blood in my urine but no infection. on my third visit I was absolutely miserable and had the following symptoms; microscopic hematuria, dark morning urine, weird urge to urinate, discomfort while sitting, feeling of not being able to empty bladder completely, bladder pressure, urethra irritation.  I was referred to a urologist.  The first visit to the urologist was semi-helpful.  I told him about the symptoms I was having and he performed a DRE.  Immediately after the DRE hestated that I have chronic prostatitis because my prostate was swollen and tender.  He prescribed antibiotics (cefuroxime) and sent me on my way.  The antibiotics have helped some, but I am still not 100%.  I have had follow up appointments, and each time the urologist says that I should not be concerned with blood in my urine, and that prostatitis takes a long time to heal.  Could this be something more serious?  What else could cause a swollen tender prostate? should I ask him to do a cystoscopy?  
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just to clarify, I am a 28-year-old male
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