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Questions in urethra irritation and feeling like small bit of urine left in urethra.

Had urethroplasty June 14 for minor narrowing. Surgeon just cut that out and rejoined. No stent or urethra catheter just suprapubic catheter w/flip valve you open / close to empty bladder for 13 days. After 13 days I was told to start peeing to see how I do.  I used a flip valve on suprapubic catheter after I peed through urethra to see how much was left in bladder.  I was emptying well so they pulled to suprapubic catheter and put me on 3 days Bactrim antibiotics as a preventative antibiotic.  My surgery is almost 2 weeks old.  I have irritation in urethra/shaft area.  Sometimes it feels like pee last bit of pee is in there and I have to milk out.  Stream comes out fast and look ok. Was wondering if anyone else had this ?  I cannot imagine uti as on antibiotics now. Everyone talks how great they feel as I would to if not for this constant irritation in urethra.  Also I drip some but know it is expected.  Thanks. Pg
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I would just speak to your Urologist/Surgeon about this - it's possible this is not an uncommon complaint in the first few weeks following surgery. Let us know what you find out...
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I agree with BonzoDog and appreciate his response.  You've had surgery and with that comes swelling and bruising.  How long ago did they remove the catheter?  This is most likely normal post operative discomfort and issues but please check in with your doctor to confirm.  https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15537-urethral-stricture-in-men Best to you.
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There was no urethra catheter or stent. I have had that before.  
This surgeon did not do that as he just cut out small narrowing and rejoined I am told.  I am trying to be patient and all as I  understand
Post op healing/nerves etc...  it is just over last year and a half I have had nothing be constant UTIs sometimes with one bacteria other times I have had up to 3. On various antibiotics etc... see infectious disease doctor and all that.  So we thought hopefully fixing narrowing will help.
Time will tell  be of course I am apprehensive as these symptoms are all kinda the same until you get foul smelling or cloudy urine.  I have also had 2 stage urethroplasty couple years ago and it was after 2nd stage and with a urethra catheter that was left in so graft and surgery could heal(26 days in). That I developed these horrible UTIs The first after that Siri sent me to ER horrible pain I had to be put on morphine. I was being told to not worry about the stinging/ discomfort etc. and it was just post op pain so I tried to ignore and not worry and ended up I. ER.  Since then I have had ongoing infections and on a host of different antibiotics. I went into surgery with good UA and I just finished course of Doxycycline Monohydrate I had been on 4 months.  I believe to this day it was after the 2nd stage urethoplasty and that catheter in for 26 days that built up all kinds of white stuff in tube that caused all this. ( I told that surgeon about the white flaking stuff in catheter tube at that  time and was told that was normal sloughing from bladder and not to worry ref what I saw in tube ).  So you see why I am reaching out. I have this new surgeon and he is not a fan of leaving things in urethra  very long and avoids it if possible for minor repairs. Thanks for any answer or help on this .  It is a mess and complicated.

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Forgot to add. I did have a suprapubic catheter in for about 10 days after sure. It had a flip valve.  About day 10’ibwqs told to start using my urethra and then after peeing open flip valve to see what residual was.. how much was left after peeing normally. I always emptied well so the suprapubic was pulled about day 12. Stream comes out readily.  Non straining watch..  dripping had gotten better .  Towards end of stream I gently push up on scrotum area to expel any remaining urine in the lower perineal area.  I stand and make sure all urine is out as best I can.  I had to do this before this surgery as well.  Nothing new about that.  Any thoughts appreciated. Pee feels warmer then usual and like I wait to really have to go as it just feels better that way. I drink only water and 1 cup coffee now.  I was told I could have beer or anything. Afraid beer will irritate bladder or urethral area.  Basically trying to do all I can to eliminate anything that could cause a problem. .  Sometimes I just wanna live normal aoansndo what I want. I alphabets lived like a monk ref all these uti issues and they still happen.  Had cystoscopy before this survey where surgeons found a surgical clip in bladder and said bladder inflamed. This was before this surgery. They doubted clip was cause of all the different bacteria.  So there you have it.  Any help appreciated


Also to Sara the Moderator -  I did not use the Cleveland Clinic.  
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Wow - well, since this has been going on for some time now & doesn’t seem to be getting better, it may be time to see a specialist. I wonder if your Urologist or Surgeon can refer you to someone who specializes in difficult cases like this? I certainly wish you the very best in your quest to get to the bottom of this. I can only imagine how disruptive this could be to your normal daily functioning. Please let us know what you find...
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