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STD results negative, no symptoms but doubt remains.


I'm 27 year old male. For past several months (4-6 possibly) I have been feeling this feeling which is not quite burning but rather annoying feeling on the tip of my penis. I did have unprotected sex with my ex-girlfriends for a quite long period prior to this (18 moths perhaps) and I never had any problem whatsoever. Even during this 4-6 months period I didn't have any other symptom: No burning feeling after urination, no blood, no discharge, no other visible changes on my skin or anything else, including need for urination (although possibly that might have been the case once or twice but I was drinking a lot of liquid and even than it wasn't just a dribble but rather a strong stream.) I am lifting weights, did change diet significantly, moved to live in other city (that actually when sensation initially manifested) and have a tendency for rough masturbation and sex - which all can be causes of this feeling: water/food, strain from exercise. colder weather. Just to be sure in September I did a rapid test swab on Chlamydia on 2 occasions and results were negative. However as feeling persisted in past 2 weeks I've done check on Chlamydia, Urea-plasma, Mycoplasma hominis, Trichomonas Vaginalis (done by laboratory) , Gonorrhea (rapid test x2 times), Syphilis (rapid test x1) and they all came back negative. All this time I never had a discharge or any other symptom, not even abdominal pain or some internal cause like loosing appetite or getting swollen glands.  For matter to be worse past 3-4 days feeling disappeared completely. Then last night I slept with my ex we had sex I came orally, didn't urinate before bed, and upon getting up as I inspected the tip of my penis I found a milky liquid with no smell or anything - which again could potentially be a remaining seamen given I haven't urinated after sex.

Can you please make a sense out of this Dr. Deepu please.
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